Brutalist Minimalist

An Example Site for the Brutalist-Minimalist Style

Configuring the Brutalist-Minimalist Style

(TBD) Explains how a site in the brutalist-minimalist style can be configured — first how the hugo configiguration should look like, but also what options you have to tweak the visual style, both in the hugo configuration as well as by overriding the CSS.

baseURL      = ''
languageCode = 'en-us'
title        = 'Examplesite'
theme        = 'brutalist-minimalist'
relativeURLs = true
markup.highlight.noClasses = false

  # --- Site config ---------------------------------

  subtitle         = 'An Example Site for the Brutalist-Minimalist Style'
  siteBasename     = 'The Example Site'
  # --- Style tweaking ------------------------------

  bloglistLength   = 10           # number of blog posts to turn up at front page, 0 for
                                  # none.

  highlightStyle   = 'emacs'      # builtin styles: emacs, pygment. Empty for none.
  enableKatex      = true         # If off, math is rendered as plain text (verbatim)

  # Only set the following two parameters if you create
  # the css files referenced in them.
  styleParametersCSS  = 'css/style-parameters.css'
  styleTweaksCSS      = 'css/style-tweaks.css'
  # Fall back to more minimalism
  styleMinimalistOnly = false
  noStylingAtAll      = false      # we use that to see how this might render in text mode

Source:, 2022-02-27